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A Typical Week in the Life of an Artist,
January 21 - 27, 2007
...A struggle to find time to paint

"Spruce Canyon", study, Michael Baum
Spruce Canyon Michael Baum,
oil, 48" x 24"


Started the morning running prints for Commonwheel and working on the inventory problems. Worked on sales tax return most of the day. Got several hours in the studio on "Spruce Canyon" study. Cold with snow flurries all day. No accumulation here.

Painted 4+ hours. Drove to Denver with Patrice to pick up large prints. They look great. I think we could sell them at a  good price. We had a short business meeting over lunch to discuss marketing the prints. Heard from Ann Marie Ives about buying a large painting. She is offering a lot less than I want to sell it for. I would not back off the asking price which is already much less than the gallery price. I may lose the sale, but I wouldn't feel right going lower. It got into the mid 30s today.

I worked in the studio for three hours. Spray-coated large prints. Packaged and delivered prints to Commonwheel. Worked on Commonwheel inventory. Temps into the 40s today. Open Studio: good drawings, Heather.

Spent the morning working on Commonwheel Inventory.
I finally got it straightened out. Just have to be accurate from now on. We also had some internet speed issues that I spent a good hour resolving. Switched back to the hard wired router. Logged 3+ hours in the studio. Misc. errands.

Packed and shipped paintings to Diaz and Vickers. Signed large prints. Worked on 2 paintings. Stretched large canvas for next painting. Worked on print editions new catalog numbers.

Started painting the large version of "Storm Over South Park" Windy and warm, 50. Snow tomorrow. Open Studio: Jessica. Focused on the subtleties of the face and mouth. Did not get a good finished drawing. 

We made today a work day. I got in 4+ hours in the studio. Also, did misc. Office work. Cloudy, cold, snow flurries.

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