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January 2016
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"Morning Reflections, Glen Canyon" copyright Michael Baum
"Up at Sky Pond"
12" x 16" oil painting on linen
Available from Michael Baum Art

"Up at Lake Isabelle"
9" x 12" oil painting on linen
Available from Michael Baum Art


"Up at Lake Isabelle" copyright Michael Baum

"Glen Canyon Study, 3"
8" x 10" oil painting on panel
Available from Michael Baum Art


"Glen Canyon Study, 3" copyright Michael Baum

"Glen Canyon Study, 2"
6" x 8" oil painting on linen
Available from Michael Baum Art


"Glen Canyon Study, 2" copyright Michael Baum
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News and More
"Up at Sky Pond" in an early stage. I thought the juxtaposition of the almost finished section with the sketch was striking.
Happy New Year

It's a new year. Time to reflect on the past year and contemplate the one that's just getting started.

I began the year with a series of studies, trying new palette variations and brushwork, working quickly, but accurately with color and light, and not getting bogged down in too much detail. In short allowing myself some freedom to just paint and see where it leads. There's energy in that. Now if I can just keep it going through the year.

Copyright Michael Baum
In the Studio  
Another day in the studio. I love this place.

Studio 11-29-15
"Into the Sunset" copyright Michael Baum

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