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August 2016
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In a small town on the eastern prairie of Colorado, this old garage and its residents simmer in the midday heat. The prairie holds many wonders and lots of cool stuff.

"Summer at the Garage" copyright Michael Baum
 "Summer at the Garage"
20" x 48" oil painting on linen
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"Into Twilight"
"16" x 20" oil painting on linen
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Heading west as the sun sets on the prairie.

"Into Twilight" copyright Michael Baum
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News and More

Labor Day Weekend
Victor Celebrates the Arts

Painting at 10,000 feet
I've been painting in Victor, Colorado, a picturesque gold-mining town high on the slopes of Pikes Peak. Artists from near and far have been painting the town and the surrounding countryside during the week before Labor Day.

The event continues through Labor Day weekend with a show featuring the newly created and often still wet paintings.

Among the many events is the "Quick Draw" on Labor Day from 9 am to noon. Artists (including yours truly) will be creating paintings on the spot while you watch. And while you're there, look for my table with many small paintings for sale.

A drive to Victor makes a great get-away. Mark your calendar and come up for the fun on Labor Day weekend.

Dates, times and other details at Victor Celebrates the Arts

Painting at Victor 2016 1 copyright Michael Baum

Painting at Victor 2016 2 copyright Michael Baum

VCTA cows

 "Valley Road"
8" x 10" plein air oil painting on linen
See it at the show Labor Day weekend
  "Valley Road" copyright Michael Baum
"Cooling Down at the Cliffs"
12" x 24" oil painting on linen

Oil Painters of America Western Regional Exhibition

I'm pleased to announce that "Cooling Down at the Cliffs" has been accepted into the 2016 Western Regional Exhibition. This is the premier show for representational oil painting in the West. The exhibition begins November 4 at the Marshall Gallery of Fine Art in Scottsdale, Arizona. More on this in the October newsletter. For information about the exhibition, go to OPA.

"Cooling Down at the Cliffs" copyright Michael Baum
In the Studio

A new painting on the easel. Almost finished.

"Studio 8/29/16" progress shot copyright Michael Baum

On Sale

"Up and Away"
Giclee print

Featured Print
This month, I'm featuring "Up and Away." I was a member of a hot-air balloon crew for many years and often found myself drifting freely a few hundred feet above the landscape moving toward an unknown landing, a great experience for a landscape painter.

"Up and Away" copyright Michael Baum


7.2" x 9.5" giclee print on paper, $35 (retail $49)

9" x 12" giclee print on canvas, mounted on foam board, $69 (retail $99)

12" x 16" giclee print on canvas, mounted on foam board, $99 (retail $149)

Prints are unframed.

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"Clouds Building over the Mountains"
11" x 14" oil painting on linen
(retail $875)
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A road meanders from the high prairie to the mountains where a late-summer thunderstorm tries to gain a foothold. An idyllic journey on a summer afternoon. I love driving this little road, seeing the way the landscape changes as it climbs up to the mountains.

Clouds Building over the Mountains copyright Michael Baum
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"Cloud Play" print on paper or canvas 

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