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February 2017

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"Afternoon at the Vermilion Cliffs" copyright Michael Baum | Original oil paintings of the Southwestern landscape

"Afternoon at the Vermilion Cliffs"
12" x 16" oil painting on linen panel   (enlarge)

Available from Michael Baum Art, $1100, framed

"Down from Taylor Glacier" copyright Michael Baum | Original oil paintings of the Rocky Mountain West

"Down from Taylor Glacier"
9" x 12" oil painting on linen panel   (enlarge)

Available from Michael Baum Art, $695, framed

View many more paintings on my website: MichaelBaum.com

Original Paintings of the Southwestern landscape

News and More

Coming in April

The Governor's Art Show

April 29 through May 28, 2017
Gala opening event Friday evening, April 28

More information at The Governor's Art Show website: The Governor's Art Show.

"Lake Study" copyright Michael Baum | Landscape paintings of the Southwest

"Rising from the Mountains"
30" x 40" oil on linen, framed   (enlarge)

The Killer Print Sale Continues

I'm overstocked with giclee prints. A recent gallery closure means I now have a bunch of framed prints occupying precious space in my not-so-large studio. I need to sell these as quickly as possible. So I'm offering them at a very low price.

Quite a few folks have taken advantage of this opportunity, but there is still a good selection.

These are giclee prints on canvas, framed in black, plein-air frames in good condition.

This is an opportunity to get some great, ready-to-hang art at wholesale prices. Supplies are limited. Take advantage of this opportunity now.

To see the entire selection, go to: Print Sale.

If you would like to purchase a print or have questions, please contact me by email, info@michaelbaum.com
or phone, 719-685-1828.

"Hide n; Seek" copyright Michael R Baum | Fine art prints of the Southwest

"Hide n' Seek"
9" x 12" giclee print on canvas in black frame   enlarge
(only one left)


(Retail: $169)

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"Evening on the River" copyright Michael Baum | Landscape paintings of the Southwest

"Evening on the River"
24" x 60" oil on linen, framed   (enlarge)
$7500, framed

Weekly Featured Painting Sale

Each week I feature one painting for sale at a really low price. The price
is good for one week only.
Many people have taken advantage of this offer over the past year and
gotten some really nice paintings.

To see the current featured painting, go to: Weekly Featured Painting

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"Sunset at the Butte" copyright Michael Baum | Landscape paintings of the Southwest

"Sunset at the Butte"
8" x 10"   oil on linen   (enlarge)

$295, framed (retail $550)

Paintings on Sale

Recently I added a new "paintings on sale" feature to the website. Click anywhere you see "on sale" to see what paintings are on sale. Prices are discounted around 25%, sometimes more.

Too see what's on sale now, click: Paintings on Sale

"Ramparts at Sunrise" copyright Michael Baum | Landscape paintings of the Southwest

"Ramparts at Sunrise"
12" x 24"   oil on linen   (enlarge)

$1295, framed (retail $1600)

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    In the Studio

I'm working on several paintings. This one is nearly finished. I'll post it on Facebook and Instagram when its done.

Studio of Michael Baum. Michael Baum Art


"Into the Sunset" copyright Michael Baum | Fine art prints of the Southwestern landscape

"Into the Sunset" Now available as a print.

View an expanding collection of Giclee prints in a variety of subjects and sizes.
All prints are from original paintings by Michael Baum.
Start a collection today. Ideal for home and business.
Made with archival materials for a long life.
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