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  • Michael Baum

Watching the Weather

Unable to get out on the road during the pandemic to see new places and new things to paint, I had to seek inspiration from previous trips--and I found plenty. One of the fun things I get to do as a painter is combine and enhance experiences, pack a whole day or an entire trip into one painting that sums it up. Previously, I had not thought much about this idea. But the pandemic changed us all, and I found myself exploring new territory in my head instead of on the road.

On a summer trip before the pandemic, I had seen horses grazing and occasionally gazing off into the distance. But the overall scene around them pretty much sucked as a potential painting. Later, I saw these stunning cliffs out near San Ysidro. While I was taking in that view, I thought of the horses. Wouldn’t it be great if they were here?

Back in the studio this summer, I was reliving that trip when that idea jumped out at me. I had to paint it. I put the horses in front of those beautiful cliffs and gave them a big storm to gaze at. And that’s it, a day’s experience wrapped into one painting.

"Watching the Weather" 24" x 32" painting of cliffs, clouds and horses by Michael Baum
"Watching the Weather" 24" x 32" painting by Michael Baum

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