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Rain sweeps down from the mountains bringing life to the valley. With our  rainy summer, I've got rain on the brain, loving it and painting it. You can see those recent paintings on my website. I've also been featuring rainy day paintings here. This is one of my favorites. Even though the trees are central to the composition, it's the rain approaching from the mountains that really moves me.

Each week I feature one original oil painting on sale for a very good price for one week only.

"Approaching Rain" Rain sweeps onto the prairie. copyright Michael Baum | Original landscape paintings of the West and Southwest

"Approaching Rain"
Michael Baum
12" x 16" oil painting on canvas   (enlarge)


Includes this frame:

"Morning in the Meadow framed" copyright Michael R. Baim

Retail $1100
Price good 10/3/17 - 10/26/17

If you would like to purchase this painting or have questions, please contact me.
Email: info@michaelbaum.com
Call or text: 719-685-1828.

Michael Baum Art, Southwestern and Western landscape paintings

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