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The last rays of sunlight penetrate the Colorado River canyon near Moab, illuminating the cliffs as cooling shadows advance.

As you gaze at the fiery cliffs, cool air whispers down the canyon, gathering around you, enfolding you in the scent of sandstone and water and coming night. A quintessential canyon experience.

Each week I feature one original oil painting for sale at a very good price. This price is good for one week only.

"Evening on the River" Evening sunlight in the Colorado River canyon near Moab, Utah copyright Michael Baum | Original landscape paintings of the canyons of the Southwest

"Evening on the River"
Michael Baum
24" x 60" oil painting on linen panel   (enlarge)


One week only!
(8/17/17 - 8/24/17)
Includes this frame:

"Sunset at the Butte" copyright Michael R. Baim

Retail $7000
Price good 8/11/17 - 8/18/17

If you would like to purchase this painting or have questions, please contact me.
Email: info@michaelbaum.com
Call or text: 719-685-1828.

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