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Michael Baum Art News

February 2023


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News and More...

Opening May 6

32nd Annual


"Lonesome Country " 24" x 30" oil painting by Michael Baum

May 6 - June 11, 2023

Loveland Museum

Loveland, Colorado

Lonesome Country 1000.jpg

In the Studio and on the Road... 

Happy Hogback Day!

What the heck is Hogback Day? The view from our backyard opens to the east over Red Rock Canyon Open Space. A craggy, hogback ridge runs north/south along the far side of the canyon. In the winter, the sun rises from behind the ridge. We watch its progress as sunrise moves south along the ridge, finally reaching its standstill point at winter solstice. Then, as the days lengthen, sunrise moves back north, retracing its path.

Hogback Day Sunrise.jpg

Sunrise on Hogback Day

On February 25 - Hogback Day - the sun rises at the north end of the hogback where it meets the far horizon. From then on, the sun rises over the horizon. 
We mark this event as the first sign of the coming spring. Days are getting longer, birds begin singing, and winter begins to relax its grip.
Happy Hogback Day!

While the sun is doing its thing along the hogback, I've been hunkering down in the studio. Painting is the best thing I know for getting through the cold, dark days of winter.

I've been digging through my reference images, mining for painting subjects, and  painting a bunch of small paintings, trying to get as many as possible before the summer season begins. I've also been working on a handful of larger paintings. 

On the Road...

As the days get longer and the weather warms, I'm excited about getting out on the road, seeing new sights, and gathering imagery and insights for new paintings. 

First trip is in March, heading down through New Mexico and into Arizona. Can't wait!

Studio 2-23-23.jpeg

Visit the Studio

Ever wonder where my paintings are created? Visit the studio and find out. See what's coming to life on the easel. Plus, I usually have a good collection of finished paintings (new and not so new) in the studio. Some of these can only be seen in the studio.

Contact me to arrange a visit:

Call or text: 719-685-1828

Manitou Galleries, Santa Fe

When visiting Santa Fe, be sure to stop by the gallery to see my paintings.

Manitou Galleries

123 W. Palace Avenue

Santa Fe, NM


Summit Gallery

Park City, Utah

On exhibit at Summit Gallery

Summit Gallery

675 Main Street

Park City, Utah


Prints on Sale!

Studio Clearance

I have a large selection of small prints in a variety of sizes on canvas and paper.


I'm clearing them out of the studio at wholesale prices and below, starting at $20.

View the selection at:

Prairie Sunset 800.jpg
Hide-&-Seek-print-800 .jpg

Availability is limited to prints in stock.

Inquire about availability

Don't Delay!

To make a purchase, contact me at:

Call or text: 719-685-1828

Shipping charge additional.

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